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Fresh blow to EU treaty as Britain shelves referendum plan

Britain shelved plans for its own referendum on the EU constitution, driving a further stake into the heart of the stricken treaty and exposing a deep political rift with the European bloc.   The move rebuffs calls from Britain’s EU partners, particularly France and Germany, for other members of the 25-nation     European Union to go on ratifying the text despite its rejection by French and Dutch voters last week.   “We see no point in proceeding at this moment,” Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said in a statement to parliament, although he declined to rule out holding a referendum “should circumstances change” in the future.   “Until the consequences of France and the Netherlands being unable to ratify the treaty are clarified, it would not in


The House Edge

The house edge is a concept that seems to be defined a million times on the Internet, in a million different ways. Part of this stems from the fact that the odds and house edge have so many different names, and different ways to think about them. It all comes down to math and two concepts: the odds and the house edge. Put simply (alright, not exactly) ‘odds’ are the chances of losing verses the chances of winning, in any given situation. The ‘house edge’ measures the theoretical commission the house earns by paying winners less than the inverse of the odds they must overcome. So the casinos are just shortchanging you with its ‘house edge’. For example, if you bet on two columns in

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50 Billionth Hand Milestone – New slot online Bonus Code for $50k freerolls

This September beings yet another milestone for slot online – 50 billion hands dealt since the very first one. This promotion is aimed at every single one of PokerStars players and brings tons of exciting poker and opportunities to boost your bankroll! There are new Bonus Codes for $50k freerolls for new and old players alike – read on for how to take part in this fantastic 50 Billion Promotion. 50 Billion: Depositor Freerolls All players can win cash for nothing in the generous 50 Billion Depositor Freerolls. New depositors who use the new PokerStars Bonus Code FREEROLL50 along with the PokerStars Marketing Code DIRPOKER will be entitled to the best first time depositor bonus ever offered by PokerStars of 100% up to $600 PLUS a

Slot Gates of Olympus

Mythical Fortunes Online: Unleash the Power of Olympus in this Slot Adventure

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of ancient mythology, where the power of Olympus unfolds with every spin of the reels, promising mythical fortunes beyond your wildest dreams. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the captivating world of the Slot Gates of Olympus, a transcendent gaming experience that not only offers entertainment but also an opportunity to harness the legendary powers of Olympus and uncover treasures worthy of the gods. Join us as we unveil the game’s features, delve into its enchanting visuals, and invite you to immerse yourself in a thrilling slot adventure. Venturing into Mythical Realms Introduction to the Mythical Fortunes Online Slot Step into a world where the timeless tales of gods and heroes come to

Get to be able to know the secure & trusted online playing website

  In making every online gambling bet, there is generally the a sense of excitement together with anxiety in regards to the value of the game that each one gaming player will obtain. Every start out of betting is done, players constantly pin their dreams at order to win over each around of playing games. With all the provision associated with online gambling, each player is constantly assisted by simply the ease of being able to access gambling games that might be played pleasantly and even in privacy. In generating often the choice to play gambling, every single person need to have a new cause that is none other in comparison with to get a large amount of real money in the short time.


Unleashing the Magic of Slot Gaming Adventure

In the ever-evolving landscape of online casinos, Cuan123 Online Slot has emerged as a true gem, captivating the hearts of gambling enthusiasts with its mesmerizing gameplay and thrilling rewards. This extraordinary online slot game has quickly gained popularity among players worldwide, offering an enchanting and rewarding gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more. As fervent casino enthusiasts ourselves, we are eager to embark on an exhilarating journey into the captivating realm of Cuan123 Online Slot, exploring its outstanding features, uncovering the secrets behind its immense popularity, and sharing expert insights to enhance your chances of striking it big. Introducing Cuan123 Online Slot Cuan123 Online Slot stands at the forefront of modern slot gaming, bringing together cutting-edge technology and captivating themes to create an


The Psychology of Winning: Insights from Wortel21’s Pro Players

Introduction Winning in the captivating world of casino gaming goes beyond luck and skill; it also involves understanding the psychology of success. Wortel21 Pro Players have mastered the intricacies of the human mind, using psychological insights to gain an edge over opponents and the house. In this article, we delve into the fascinating psychology of winning, exploring the strategies and mindset that have elevated Pro Players to the pinnacle of gambling excellence. The Power of Mindset: Believing in Success At the heart of the psychology of winning is the power of mindset. Wortel21’s Pro Players understand the significance of believing in their abilities and visualizing success before stepping onto the casino floor. A positive and confident mindset sets the stage for success, as Pro Players

More slot onlain soon to be available for North Florida degenerates

  Cardplayer is reporting that the slot onlain room approved at the Orange Park Kennel Club will open April 1, and they’ve hired 100 dealers out of 1500 applicants. I live ten minutes from the St. Johns racetrack and poker room, and haven’t played in years thanks to bad memories of donkeys – my head exploded when my KK was cracked by 2-4o, drawing all the way to the river on a gutshot – but don’t get me started. Perhaps I’ll be able to build new memories with the new poker room being literally one block off I-295 on my ride home at night. Jacksonville poker is getting better and better all the time. Getting my mind right for poker I enjoyed a nice run over the

Small Town Judi Online Tour to Begin A Series of Events in the Baltic Countries

The Small Town Judi Online Tour is planning a series of events in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway as well as Estonia. Producers of the show said that there was a wealth of talent in these areas and a lot of excitement and in interest in this tour. reports: Our goal is to give people high quality events and great time.” stated Mark Fracalossi STPT Executive Producer. The STPT sets up tournament’s and poker events around the world. Well Known Poker Pro, Alan Goehring Wins the L.A. Poker Classic The LA Poker Classic this year included quite an eclectic mix of people. There were celebrities, upcoming players, promising talents and unknowns. This mix remained till the very end of the tournament. In the end


Blackjack games open in Pennsylvania

Tuesday saw the U.S. state of Pennsylvania celebrate the launch of table games in their casinos, which had until then housed online slot machines. The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs hosted a grand-opening ceremony, where the Mohegan tribe’s vice chairman, Bruce “Two Dogs” Bozsum, offered a blessing. There was then a free ceremonial blackjack hand played by four lucky customers chosen at random. In that hand, the players competed for a prize of either $25,000 or a new Mercedes. Two of the players beat the dealer and won the money, but the other two didn’t walk away empty-handed. As a consolation prize, they won $5,000. The Mogegan Sun casino, located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, now offers 46 tables of blackjack, poker and more. That is not