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먹튀검증사이트SCOOP 2010 Event 7 Results

  PokerStars’ SCOOP Event 7 is one of the most exciting events in this season’s series of online poker tournaments. Event 7 was the first of many No Limit Holdem Heads-up tournaments. Players went at it in what is said to be the purest form of poker, heads-up. Unlike at full-ring or short-handed, heads-up players play for their opponent’s money and their own ego. As is customary with PokerStars’ SCOOP events, Event 7 was broken down into three separate tournaments: low, medium, and high. These tournaments differ in the buy-in amount and, obviously, the prize pool and prestige that comes with a win. The low buy-in Event 7 cost players $15 to enter. It had a guarantee of $100,000 which attracted 11,366 players making the


21 Nova Casino Review

£132 WELCOME BONUS FOR ALL NEW PLAYERS Friendly is the best word to describe 21 Nova Casino: one of the friendliest online casinos for playing blackjack. The welcome sign is clear when you are offered a 320% welcome bonus. 21 Nova offers you an action-packed play of blackjack, which can only impress anyone who plays there. And it doesn’t just stop at blackjack: 21 Nova also offers an all-inclusive choice of table games, including all the latest slot and video games. It is all there for you to choose under one virtual roof. Your blackjack gaming experience online can be so pleasurable at 21 Nova, because their software team have outdone themselves in providing the highest quality graphics and sound. You feel almost as though

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More Mobile Blackjack Sites

I already featured the mobile blackjack site Platinum Play in a previous post on the site. I wanted to update this with a couple more options for player to choose from. The one thing that these mobile casinos have in common is that players in the United States will not be able to participate. This is because the laws currently won’t permit mobile casino bets to be placed on a mobile device. There are primarily two mobile casino software providers: Microgaming has developed Spin 3 software with a compliment of 20+ mobile games. Playtech has created its own software and currently features 16 mobile casino games to choose from. You will find more Microgaming casinos that feature mobile games then Playtech. The mobile casinos are

Unit trust firms told to stop ‘misleading ads’

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has told unit trust companies to stop misleading advertisements that compare returns between unit trusts and the EPF. The EPF has already warned one company to withdraw its advertisement and is monitoring others which make unfair claims that investments in unit trusts gave better returns. Its deputy chief executive officer Rusma Ibrahim said the advertisement was misleading. “In this particular case, the returns to the unit trust fund was highlighted instead of the returns to the individual investor,” she said. A leaflet sent to The Star claimed that an investment of RM30,000 (US$7,897) in a unit trust earned five times more than it would have from the EPF. Rusma urged the 10.5 million EPF contributors to understand how unit trusts work and

Aussie PM urges Australians to accept Corby conviction in Indonesia

Prime Minister John Howard asked Australians to accept an Indonesian court’s decision to convict a young Australian woman on drug charges, urging people to remain calm. Howard said he felt sympathy for Schapelle Corby but he and all other Australians had to accept the Indonesian court’s 20-year sentence imposed on Corby for smuggling 4.1kg (9lbs) of marijuana into Bali last October on a flight from Brisbane. “It’s not for me to make a judgment, it’s not for my fellow Australians, however strongly they feel, to make a judgment,” Howard told reporters. “She was subject to the justice system of another country … we have neither the power nor the right to intervene.” The sentencing of the 27-year-old student beauty therapist was carried live on Australian

Two Japanese soldiers left over from WWII

Japan was checking Friday if two elderly Japanese men found on a Philippine island plagued by an Islamic insurgency were soldiers left behind from World War II who were unaware of Tokyo’s surrender. “What a surprise it would be if it’s true,” Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said.   The Japanese embassy in Manila sent three officials early Friday to General Santos city, 1,300 kilometres (806 miles) south of Manila, to meet the two men found on the lawless island of Mindanao.   “The Japanese embassy in the Philippines received information yesterday that two men believed to be former Japanese soldiers are alive,” Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura told reporters.   The diplomats will interview the pair, said to be in their 80s, to confirm whether they

What Is Playable Ads and How to Get the Most Out of Private Label Rights for Playable Ads?

You have most likely heard the expression that content is king, and this is a thing that can actually let you to find success online. This is often a challenge if either you feel that it is tough to create unique content quickly or when you require to profit from one marketplace where you aren’t automatically a specialized oneself. There are plenty of Marketers today that have noticed which buying articles which have personal tag rights on it is actually a great way to acquire the content which they require. There are benefits that are going to be connected with using Private label rights articles and we shall discuss them in this article.   Prior to deciding to buy any of these kinds of articles

Nestle baby formula pulled off the shelves

A type of milk powder produced by international food firm Nestle has been pulled out after it was found to contain too much iodine, according to a survey conducted by quality inspection authorities in Zhejiang Province. The “Jin Pai Growing 3-Milk Powder,” produced by the Heilongjiang-based Shuang Cheng Nestle Co Ltd, failed to meet national standards over iodine content.   Every 100 grams of milk powder for infants and young children is allowed to contain 30-150 micrograms of iodine, according to State standards.   “This is the first time we have found milk powder containing excessive iodine in recent years,” said Bian Yuyang, an official from the Zhejiang Administration of Industry and Commerce. Bian said the iodine content of the milk powder was slightly higher

Seminole Tribe (again) Close to togel hongkong Deal

    I hope you’re not sick of hearing about the Seminole tribe’s fight for legal blackjack tables in Florida. To be honest, I’m a little sick of writing about it, but it’s kind of a big deal when it comes to blackjack legislation, so I’ll write about it whenever there’s something new.   The Cliff’s Notes version of what has happened so far is that on two different occasions Florida Governor Charlie Crist has successfully negotiated a deal with the Seminole tribe that allows them to offer blackjack in their casinos. In return, the state of Florida gets a cut. Both times the state House nixed the deal. Now there are yet again negotiations in progress and inside sources say both sides are close

Koln4ever Wins togel hongkong Event #34

We’re rolling into the final weekend for WCOOP 2009, as it was Event #34 wrapping up in the wee hours of the morning.  This event was a $215 no-limit Hold’em tournament featuring “big antes” from the start.  The guarantee was set at $500,000, but as has been the trend in the togel hongkong , the guarantee was just a stepping stone to the final prize pool.  A total of 3,650 players entered, bloating the total prize to $730k. There was little doubt that plenty of the PokerStars Pros would make it for this one with a prize like that on the line.  The list of pros included Chris Moneymaker, Chad Brown, Jason Mercier, Vanessa Rousso, Elky – Bertrand Grospellier and Humberto Brenes.  The popular Costa