Malaysian men have won the hearts of at least three Japanese girls.

“Not only are their eyes big and sparkling, they are kind and perfect gentlemen.”

The verdict came from full-time models Kaoru Asami, Aki Kogochi and Mai Akiyama, all 24-year-olds.

The girls are in town as part of their activities to promote the Japan GT Championship Malaysia that will be held at the Sepang International Circuit on June 25 and 26.

“For example, Malaysian men hold the door for us while Japanese men do not bother,” said Asami, an English-language graduate who spent two years in a home-stay programme in California.

Asami said she also liked the way the men behaved, adding that while Japanese men were generally “very shy”, Malaysian men “do come forward to talk to us.”

“We don’t like quiet guys, they are no fun,” she said during a visit to The Star office in Menara Star here on Thursday.

When asked if they would stay back in Malaysia, Asami promptly replied, “Of course. We like it here. We can stay back and marry Malaysians.”

But men are not the only attraction to the girls, as they love Malaysian food and shopping centres.

“I bought a lot of expensive, sexy French lingerie,” said Asami, who acted as “spokesman”, as the other girls spoke little English.

Kogochi, who spent two years in a cooking school before venturing into modelling, said that they spent a lot of time eating since they arrived two weeks ago.

Her favourite is fried bee hoon while Akiyama loves fried rice and Asami, the wan tan mee and ketupat.