I arrived in Las Vegas Monday, and the guys joined up yesterday, so the 에볼루션 Mansion’ is up and running. I managed to sleep until 7AM today, so hopefully the jet lag is not going to bother me much. The house is cool, the car is cool, and it looks like it will be a great trip.
A few of us will play in WSOP Event 9 today, it is a $1500 6-max event, and I am really looking forward to that. I hope to really attack the table and build that crucial early big stack, that could allow me to dominate the table the first few levels. Of course it is a risky strategy that will often quickly cost your tournament life, but I think it can be very profitable to play a lot of big pots against bad players who are more afraid to bust out early than you are. We will see how it works out. Of course the most important thing is always to adjust well to the other players.
I played in the weekly Thursday tournament in Casino Copenhagen this evening, and lasted about 40 minutes. Things went as planned early, as I attacked the blinds and weak limpers of whom there were plenty (the limpers that is, the number of blinds was standard). There was about 4 weak calling stations at the table.
Then one of them 3-bet me preflop when I had AK. I called, hit an ace on the flop while he hit a set of nines, and I was crippled. Ten minutes later I lose a preflop all-in with ATo against a calling station with 65s. He called a raise from CO, and then called my shove from SB as well, for about 15 BBs. nh, wp.
Since my last post, I have had two losing cash game sessions. The last one I was just about to get away with a $2k win, which would have been huge this month, but then as I was going home I sat at two very juicy 2022NL tables for an hour and promtly lost 4 buy-ins.
I am now at break even for the month, and feeling some poker sadness.
Lately it has been all about cash games, and that is about to change. This month I have played a load of cash game hands, and I am sorry to say things have not been too smooth. Since my last post I had another bad session, so I my monthly result, while still positive, is absolutely dismal compared to the amount of time I put in.
Fortunately, I don’t worry too much about that, since in about two weeks I am going to Vegas with a few of the boys from the office. It will be good times, liberal gambling and booze policies, and of course: Tournaments. I am looking forward to playing about 5 WSOP events this year, and this time I will not be jet lagged during most of them. While tournaments are not my speciality, I am not too bad at it, and I hope I will catch a bit of luck and win a bracelet or just some money. The plan is to spend the next couple of weeks playing lots of tournaments, including a few live ones if I can find any in this by gambling forsaken country.