Freaking internet ground to a halt for me last night. I’d just fired up a $210 turbo on Stars.


I managed to get a 24% signal somewhere around level 4, saw K9s, and said “fuck it”.

Sick, I know. AQs called me down, flopped 2 pr, and rivered the boat to rub it in.

Tried to get a signal going, dropped down to a $15 turbo, and the same thing happened. Disconnect, disconnect, disconnect, fuck, fuck, fuck. Pushed with QTs just so I could go to bed.

Made it up, plus a little more, this afternoon in a $105 turbo that saw quads 3 times. None of the hands I was in, thankfully. One indo slot 88 hit it twice. First, he had JJ vs. 77, all the money goes in pre-flop against a well-known multi-tabler, and the cold-deck delivers a flop of J7J.

Rigged. 😉

Later, he min-raises in EP with QQ (baby jesus wept again – he min-raised all his good hands). A short-stack pushes with KJo, then the well-known multi-tabler (who had made a most-excellent comeback) pushes over the top as well with JJ. The extreme short stack auto-called getting over 5-1 on his money when you include the blinds. The luckbox flops trips and rivers quads to take out 3 players.

I lost a coin flip with QQ vs. AK to cripple me on the bubble, but staged a comeback to get heads-up with the luckbox at a 2-1 disadvantage with an M of 4. The tried-and-true formula of selective aggression worked to expectation, allowing me recover last night’s misfortune, plus a little.

Just a thought…

Has anyone ever tried to install and run a poker site on a thumb drive?

Might be a cheap alternative to my laptop purchase. If it works, I could move between desktops as necessary in order to play.

Of course, I’m seeing some really good deals on laptops at the big-box retailers right now and they are sure to get better as the end of the March quarter gets closer… 😉


I almost never play during the day anymore. It’s pretty simple really – I win more money in the late evening. More people online, a lot of them more tired than me because of having to wake up for work, less distraction in my house, yadda, yadda, yadda… there’s probably a thousand reasons why, with no one reason being primary.

Yesterday, I found myself with some rare time to play during the day and the urge to go along with it. I decided to drop down in levels to limit any potential damage and proceeded to go 1-1-3 to make my daily nut in an hour and 45 minutes. The second one lasted only 27 minutes; the third one, I was out 3rd in 27 minutes. You can imagine what the hourly rate looks like.