The Small Town Judi Online Tour is planning a series of events in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway as well as Estonia. Producers of the show said that there was a wealth of talent in these areas and a lot of excitement and in interest in this tour. reports:

Our goal is to give people high quality events and great time.” stated Mark Fracalossi STPT Executive Producer. The STPT sets up tournament’s and poker events around the world.

Well Known Poker Pro, Alan Goehring Wins the L.A. Poker Classic

The LA Poker Classic this year included quite an eclectic mix of people. There were celebrities, upcoming players, promising talents and unknowns. This mix remained till the very end of the tournament. In the end a low key yet seasoned player won the title. Alan Goehring is a reputed pro. He also has a WPT title to his credit. He clinched the final round from a local boy. Beating Daniel Quach, he won a prize sum of $2.4 million dollars. reports:

The first day started with nearly 700 players finding seats. Tournament organizers had to move some of the overflow onto an adjacent covered patio—though it didn’t take long for enough players to eliminated so that the tables could be consolidated into the tournament room. Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and defending champ Mike Mizrachi were the most notable names to go home early.

Phil Gordon Decides to Say Good Bye to Celebrity Poker Showdown

The well-known host of Celebrity Poker Showdown, Phil Gordon will be leaving the show. He wants to take a look at other opportunities. reports:

In an official statement, Gordon said, “I no longer have any contracted obligations to the producers of Celebrity Poker Showdown, so I am ready to move on… After 42 episodes of Celebrity Poker, I just want to see people play in turn, bet more than $200 into a $5K pot, and know when they have the nuts.

Crave Entertainment All Set to Release its World Championship Poker for Xbox 360, PS2 and PSP Versions

Crave Entertainment is in the process of releasing its World Championship Poker series. This is for Xbox 360, PS2 and Playstation Portable. It will include 18 different kinds of Poker games. These variations include Omaha, Five Card Stud and Texas Hold’Em. In its single player mode the game includes series tournaments, recurring home games and mixed games. Also included is quizzing round. Besides there will be lucky charms and a host of new pros. Sounds exciting -this new offering from Crave – worth checking out! reports:

Crave has not released any pricing or rating information on World Championship Poker: All In. For information on Crave’s last poker game, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.